Tuesday, May 10, 2011

About me & talk at Google I/O

Using KML Tours and <gx:AnimatedUpdate>
to morph & animate polygons (kml coming soon)

My first post cut right to the chase, looking at time-animated thematic maps. So here's a little background on what I'm doing here: unchartable.com is a blog about bending, breaking and hacking KML to make amazing maps for Google Earth and Maps.

I'm at Google I/O right now, about to give a talk with Mano Marks: High Peformance KML for Google Earth/Maps. I'll post the YouTube video of the talk when it comes out tomorrow.

Time-animated Thematic Maps w/ US Census Data

Looking for cool data to visualize for my Google I/O talk (High Performance KML for Google Earth and Maps), I found a few datasets from the US Census and American Community Survey that were pretty interested.